Monday, October 1, 2012

Life is too damn hard... worry about what everyone else is doing. It's definitely hard sometimes to remember this but it is so true. If we could all just live our lives without judging others, what a better place this world would be. I have long believed that if something does not directly affect you, then keep your opinions to yourself. This goes for gay marriage (and families), birth control (in any form), breast feeding, who slept with whom, and so on. Chances are those who judge the most could do some good from getting their own lives in order. 

Why do I bring this up now? Good question. While trolling the internet (why I am suppose to be working), I found a great blog by a couple of women who tell it like they sees it and I loved it. So I thought I would share. The blog was written in June right after the controversial "Are you Mom Enough" TIME magazine cover, but the message is as timely as ever.

Here is the blog...

A couple of my favorite quotes..

"It’s your choice whether or not you are going to be a sanctimonious bitch...we certainly can’t control anybody else’s actions...And if those actions don’t truly impact you in any discernable way, back the hell up."

Just some food for thought on a Monday...