Monday, September 29, 2008

This whole economic mess

As a mother, one thing I am trying to instill in my children is personal responsibility. Always try your hardest and do you best; tell the truth; act with integrity; follow the rules including the law...If you do something wrong, you will face consequences and hopefully, if you do something right, you will be rewarded. So how is it that the message our society is constantly reinforcing seems to be exactly the opposite.

For years now I have been bothered by the fact that my children in elementary school do not receive grades. It seems like something so simple - you work hard and study and you are rewarded with good grades. But someone decided that our children couldn't handle that truth. Somehow, the fear was that our children would give up if they received a bad grade instead of trying harder. So instead of offering help to these children to ensure that "no child is left behind," we simply took the personal responsibility of learning away. How do we tell our children that they need to go that extra mile when they know it doesn't really matter? Are we teaching them that they only need to do what they can to simply get by? Why should teachers have to dangle prizes in front of our children to get them to try their hardest? Are we failing our children and setting them up on a global scale to fail?

As I look at this economic disaster that we sit in the middle of, again I ask about personal responsibility. How exactly did it get this bad? Did none of the officers at any of these companies have morals? Did none of them care about what was right? And what about us who pay our mortgages every month? How can we blame it all on the banks writing bad loans? Yes, they gave people money without good credit or substancial incomes - but didn't the people who took out the mortgages know they couldn't afford it? And now we are suppose to bail them out so they don't lose their homes? You signed for the mortgage, you didn't pay your bills - you are responsible for your situation. Now I wouldn't begin to assume for one second that all the mortgage brokers out there are on the up and up. But there is always someone out there trying to take advantage of someone. Its up to you to not let it happen to you - again, personal responsibility.

So my family sits here in the midst of the worst economic mess since the great depression and as a country our schools cannot compete in the global marketplace. I did what I was suppose to do - I worked hard, paid my bills and told the truth, but it doesn't even seem to matter anymore. So as a mother, how do I raise my children to accept responsibility when our society tells them its okay to let other bail them out?


  1. Liked it and agree on most if not all points. Hayden doesn't even know what subjects he excels at and those which he does not.

  2. Ok...I like your thoughts, especially about the grades. However, the rest is way over my head. Your too smart for me Rebekah. :)