Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will Someone Please Pay Me For This?

I am currently stealing a quick moment away from my busy life to write this blog. I wish that I had more time to blog, at lease once a day if not more but I just can't find the precious time I need. I wish that someone would pay me to write, not because I have any formal training or even because I think its worth money, but because I really enjoy it. And I think we all strive to get paid for doing something that we love. Unfortunately, we have bills that need to be paid and I am worth more money as a sales person than as a writer so please understand that my blogs may be few and far between but I hope that you enjoy them nonetheless.

Some people blog very well about their daily lives, which I think is great. Me, I am more of a topic blogger - ideas come to me and I try to add my perspective to the topic. I currently have 13 posts sitting in limbo in various stages of readiness. All were great ideas that I didn't want to lose so I recorded the thought as a draft.

Here's to hoping that I might get them done soon. Who knew you could blog about blogging...

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