Sunday, November 18, 2012

There are some crazy people out there...

Every now and then I sell our old shit on ebay. As Christmas approaches, I am trying to get rid of some old toys and "recycle" that money for new toys. Most of the time, buyers are great. But every now and then, you get a crazy. The following is a true account of my message back and forth from someone interested in buying a toy monorail that we bought in Disney like 10 years ago and had been sitting in the closet for like 8 years. I copied it just as he send it, fantastic grammar and all. Enjoy...

Sent:  Nov-15-12 01:22 AM - hi there can you take diiferent types of other payment's on this toy.

My Response - such as?

Sent:  Nov-15-12 11:42 AM - money order cashers check's or just plain cash.
me thinking - yeah sure, let me wait while you send me cash, sorry buddy...
My real reply - No, sorry - paypal only. 
Sent:  Nov-16-12 04:30 PM - sure be like that then and why didn't you E-mail right back then before i bid on it.
How the hell am I suppose to know when you are going to bid on it. Why didn't you wait to bid until I answered your question? He then retracted his bid...I did not reply. He, however, could not get over losing the toy monorail.

Sent:  Nov-16-12 06:09 PM - Oh and a another thing there is a scam going around on people's paypal account's and the scamer is trying to get into people's account's,and boy just let me tell you i'am so happy that i don't have a paypal account,so i don't have to worry about it just like you people do.
I quickly changed my eBay and PayPal passwords...
Sent:  Nov-16-12 06:46 PM - And you say in your listing that your little conducter can recreate the magic and it makes a great gift for a Disney Enthusiast what's up with that,I don't understand that.
Not sure how to reply  to that...
Sent:  Nov-16-12 07:34 PM - Hi there paypal that's fine with me I will have my brother pay for it,I'am sorry I was just mad becuase you can't take a money order or a casher's check.
He replaced his bid...
Sent:  Nov-16-12 07:36 PM - does this come with a transformer or does this take batters.
(he's a great speller by the way...)
Sent:  Nov-17-12 03:12 AM - Hi there i really want your item my brother will pay for the item I was just mad last nights will make my day if i win this and thank's for your understanding with me i have a problem of getting very fast it's not your fault my fault.ain i'am so sorry seller's come frist on e-bay on here paypal no problem i can do that just like i said my brother will pay for it thank's again.
(apparently this monorail is keeping him all night)
My reply - No worries! Good luck with the auction, thanks for figuring out a way for us to work together. My husband used to get stressed and now he does yoga. Thanks again!
Sent:  Nov-17-12 05:50 PM - Hi there i'am the winner just like i said my brother will pay for this just please give him a few day's.
I wonder if I will actually get the money and how long it will take. 
By the way, you can buy the monorail on any time.



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