Monday, February 13, 2012

To All the Amazing Women I know on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is vastly over-rated. It is one of those holidays (as most are) that receives a lot of hype (mostly by retailers hoping to capitalize on guilt and peer pressure) and rarely lives up. Not because we don't try but because things rarely turn out as great as we anticipate. First of all, this year it's on a Tuesday night and who the hell has time on a Tuesday night for a conversation with our spouse let alone romance. And should we miraculously find a babysitter who isn't celebrating their own Valentine's Day, restaurants are booked for months and their menus are suddenly twice as much for the same food.

This year I am not really into it and I am fine with that. I did run out today (yup, the day before when the shelves are picked over and mostly empty) to get a couple goodies for my hubby and the kids, but nothing too extravagant. The crazy thing is, although I don't really care that much about it, I still want to be remembered tomorrow as if somehow to prove my worth to myself. I mean I know how much I give and do for my family, but what I really want is for them to notice and tell me how completely indispensable I am to their lives. (As if that might happen any time in the next 18 years. I have the same wish each year on Mother's Day and my birthday by the way.)

So this year, I wanted to spread the message to all the amazing women (and men) in my life who spend more time worrying and caring about their families than they do themselves. You are truly amazing. You are a fantastic wife and mother, friend, sister, aunt, and more. You are strong and resilient and at the same time loving and kind. You make the world a better place every day. And yes, all the small things you do every day that no one notices like laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking is what makes your family tick and you should be proud of it. You remember what each of your kids (and husband) will not eat, their favorite show, what upset them at school, why they are mad at whoever and yet still manage to get everyone where they need to be when and the birthday card to Aunt Sue. You are a Super Woman and don't ever forget it!

So Happy Valentine's Day to you. I thought I would share the card I bought today for one of my friends, it about sums it up...

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