Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Men Should Always Listen to Their Wives

Here is my public service announcement for the day...

Men, please listen to your wives when they tell you how to do something.


Because I am not telling you how to do it (load the dishwasher, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, put the kids to bed...) because my way is the right. I PROMISE! I am telling you how to do it because I have done it 367 times the wrong way myself and finally figured out the best way to do it on the 368th time. Let's not reinvent the wheel here. Please take advantage of my many failures and believe me when I say that this is the right way.

Yup, that was how I did it time number 175. I know it really seems like it would be the best way, but if you would like we can discuss why it didn't work for the next 30 minutes or you can do it the right way!

Not to mention that if you do it that way (ugh, trust me that was time 203), I will just have to re-do it and then I will be angry because the help you offered me actually took me longer than had I done it myself the first time. I will then proceed to be quietly angry for the rest of day and make snide comments under my breath for hours.

So let's review. Women are not perfect, far from it. We fail like 99% of the time. Lucky for us, we get to do these wonderful household chores like a million times a day and have had the luxury of being able to perfect them. If you do them like once a week, please do it the right way to save everyone (including yourself) time, energy and fights with your wife.

Hope this helps ladies! Happy Friday!


  1. This seems silly. If you mastered how to do it, than why ask someone else if they are going to do it wrong and just piss you off. Your service announcement is flawed.

    1. Dear Nick, I am hoping that this is your failed attempt at humor. Either that or I must assume you are single. As much as most men would like to think, women are not superhumans. We cannot do everything by ourselves and most of us got married to have a partner not to be your slave...

  2. I LOVE this. Thanks!