Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 is my year to FLY

Okay, so every year my resolutions are the same old thing - eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, blah blah blah. So I have decided that this year, I will learn to FLY. And by FLY I mean "Finally Love Yourself." And no, I don't mean offering daily affirmations in the mirror each morning about great I am and how much I love myself. I simply want to be at peace with what I have accomplished each day and what I have not.

Let me explain.

I came upon www.Flylady.net today where the first thing I read was "The more clutter you get rid of the more peace you are going to find in your clutter free home!" This is without a doubt my motto, like she was a fly on the wall in my life. In fact, I must say this to my family at least 5 times a day. Of course, they think I am insane and unfortunately do not share my passion for organization and cleanliness (which could be because I am the one who is responsible for knowing where everything is...in fact, my stepson said to me just this morning, "I know it is not yours and is not your responsibility to know but do you know where my sweatshirt is?" Sound like I have complained a time or two?...but I digress). Obviously I knew in one second this site was for me. The big difference this site offers is direction and it does so in what they call beginner babysteps. In fact, Marla Cilley (aka the Flylady) tells you that is took her 9 months to de-clutter and organize her house. That number at first scared the heck out of me since I am all about instant gratification. But I continued to read and what I found was something I have needed all along.

The perpetual problem I have is that I have loftier amitions than I have time, energy or even resources. I want it all and I want it now, which coincidently Flylady says we all suffer from. I get home at night from work and the mess I left (meaning I did not have a chance to pick up my family's mess before I headed to the office) is still there staring at me. Instead of being happy that I am home, I have two reactions - stressed that my house is a terrible sight and stressed at the prospect of taking what should be my down time to clean it. My family has homework and practice and a two year old to attend to so most of what needs to be done falls on my shoulders. Isn't my house suppose to be my sanctuary? Yeah right!

Enter the Flylady and her quest to help all of us escape CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). The plan she asks us to follow starts simply enough with shining your sink. The idea goes that if this becomes your focus everyday, and your sink is always clean and shiny it will become contagious around your kitchen and hopefully around your house. I have to admit that when my kitchen is a mess and dirty dishes are piled high, my stress levels tend to be just as high. I am not sure if a shiny sink will fix all my problems, but I guess I am willing to give it a try. There is even a video that I recommend you take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTUvl7I4PR0. I guarantee it will look familiar.

From there she asks us to take one little baby step each day for 31 days over which time you will have created some good habits.

Also, by signing up I will start to get helpful emails each day (up to 10 per day) that offer helpful hints, things to do each day and testimonials from others who have embarked upon this journey as well. Now you may be saying that is a bit excessive, but I was excited by this prospect. I love getting emails that are helpful and meaning to me and the initial messages have proved to be both.

Okay, so I have read how to get started and I think I am ready to go. My sink has been shined! I plan on writing a little blog each night on my new "babystep" and my success and failures I experienced that day. I invite you to come along on my journey for 2010 and maybe embark on your own journey as well.

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