Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to FLY, Day 2

Okay, so yesterday was my first full day of FLYing. I think I did pretty well. My sink was shiny and I was dressed to the shoes. I was even overly ambitious and tried my own bedtime routine. I must admit that again, I did pretty well. I had a clean kitchen, I took about 10 minutes to pick up the house, my laundry had been changed and my dishwasher was set to run while I was snoozing. I took the time to wash my face, figure out what I was going to wear the next day and even cleaned the sinks in my bathroom with Clorox wipes. In fact, what I realized was that my family actually already had their bedtime routine which we named the 8:30 rule. Every night at 8:30 we pause whatever we are doing and get everything ready for the morning. My boys are responsible for making sure their backpacks are ready by the back door, their clothes are laid out, their breakfasts are waiting from them on the table and even their lunches and snacks are all packed. I went to sleep ready to face tomorrow.

And then tomorrow came.

All the problems started with the darn snooze button. Or maybe it was the fact that I hit it like 5 times. Either way, I woke up already behind. My problem is that I alwauy think I have more time than I do. And when the clock told me it was time to leave, my morning routine was a complete disaster. My laundry was where I left it before bed, my dishwasher was only half empty and my sink was definitely not shiny. And as I sit here now, things are pretty much right where I left them this morning. But I am okay with it, at least for the moment. I love to blog, it's like therapy for me. And I am spending time with my family which speaks for itself. One important lesson the Flylady teaches is that if we have a bad day, it's okay. Just start again tomorrow. So here's to day tomorrow and day three of FLYing.

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